Kontou souvenirs offers a variety of products. In our store you can find a lot of souvenirs to take them as little memories from Parga, jewelries, fishing products, wooden products, tobacco and refreshments.



Find a great range of souvenirs. From wooden bookmarks to magnets with photos of Parga.

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Faux Bijoux

Looking for gifts for your beloved ones?

Faux bijouz from Kontou Souvenirs

Fishing Products

Parga is a perfect place for someone to practice his skills in fishing! Is this your hobby for years? Did you start it some time ago? Or you don’t even know what someone needs to go fishing? It does not matter! Get fully equipped, join the locals and give your best for a big catch! There are several places in Parga good for fishing, as the port at the center of the town where you can catch different kinds of fishes like sargo and seabass. In our shop we offer a range of products for all! From professional rods to complete kits to go fishing with your friends! Hooks, fishing baits, fishing lines and many other products are available to enhance  your tools in your battle!

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Fishing in Parga-Kontou Souvenirs


Hookah was first introduced back in 1542 and since then it was modified many times as far as the kind of materials and the design as we know it now. In Kontou Souvenirs you will find from small ones to big ones, many colors to choose and different designs.

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And many many more products!

Card postal from Parga town and beaches

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