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Welcome to Kontou souvenirs in Parga!

Our company is a family souvenir shop which was established back in 1980. It is located in Parga,the princess of Ionian sea as they call it, an island in mainland in west Greece. Our Store is located in the center of Parga town, just few meters from the central beach Krioneri with the crystal waters and the imposing little island Of Parga.

Panoramic of Parga

Our store is one of the best souvenir shops in Parga, we try to continue through all the experience we have all theseĀ  years, an excellent customer service and the greek hospitality to all our customers-friends.

In a visit to our store you can find great variety of products such as souvenirs from Parga, products which will make your holidays in Parga enjoyful, like fishing products and also tobacco and refreshments.

So either you are on the way to the beach or walking through the narrow picturesque streets, shopping and enjoying nightlife, we will be there!

We hope to see you in our store, during your holidays in Parga!